I will be coming to Springfield on Thursday so it would be great to pick up then if you have one available. Thanks!
Don't need anything big but I'm a Santa all year long and work rebuilding broken toys for delivery to youngsters for Christmas. Just finished one that would have been easier with a torch...
Me again... Also could use forge parts (like a fire pot) or bricks and an anvil or railroad track pieces. Santa doing his thing... Thank you.
Looking for a high chair for a single mom. She has a one year old, a three year old and another on the way. She just moved here three days ago, so she is broke. I'm looking to help her in any way I can, if anyone has a high chair they are no longer using, please let me know. Thank you
Planning on moving in a few months. Looking for boxes so I can start packing some stuff.
needing chandeliers to add more light in my building. Prefer 5 bulb type but will consider others. Broken or missing globes not a concern. The only requirement is the bulbs mount vertically. I will be in Springfield Thursday
Do you get newspapers and throw out the ads/inserts? Do you use only some of them? I'll take any of them you don't want or won't use!