t.v stand

I have 2 of these t.v stand and its s$59.13 ea. They are solid wood and has no scratches or damage to it. Come by to Dickys Flea Market and check it out, God Bless
This garden decor are made out of concrete and stainless forks and spoons with waterproof silicone. It will make your garden comes alive. Also home decors and thousands of brand name shoes. Our location is at Dickys Flea Market. 1530 west Olive st. 65802. Thanks for all the support here at booth9513. See you at our new and better location and God blessed.
I have an Oscar Schmidt Guitar Delta King blue OE 30 that is signed available at Dickys Flea Market. Come on in monday thru saturday 10am-6pm and check it out. God Bless