Little used nail gun plus 80 of a box of nails. Nails are 3.25 full round head and hot-dipped galvanized. New box of nails sells for $56 on Amazon. Missing nails in boxes total all nails ever used in this gun. Found another box of 3 nails not in photos.
5 families have come together for a WHOPPER of a garage sale. Handymans paradise with tools, pipe fittings, nails, screws, paint, you-name-it. For the ladies we have clothes, tables full of decor, books, linens, kitchen items, pictures, stuffed animals, wingback chair, generator, wetvac, punching bag for boxers, suitcase, hen-and-chicken plants, entertainment cabinet, free Christmas tree, nerf ...
freeman 3 n 1 floor nailer shots staples T nails or L cleats comes with 3 boxs of 1000 2 L cleats both pads and fiberglass malets I used it to put down 1000 sq feet of flooring never jammed at all good nail gun